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We are a full service production company specializing in creating amazing work for our clients. Be it directing, producing, cinematography, editing and photography. As an award-winning full service production company we strive to create amazing work for our clients.

We create motion images including feature films, commercials, music videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, industrial videos and much more.



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Creating a movie poster for Seflie Shootout feature film

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Today we setup the first stage of marketing for this project. The most important part of any film is hype. If Avatar has taught us anything is that spending over...

Milestones, Pre-Production and Development Process

| Production | No Comments
Every student  starting their career in one of the most (if not the most) hardest and toughest industries in the world, needs to remember, Milestones. My taekwondo grand master always said prior...

Fresh Face for the New Year

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Today, we begin a new chapter in Giorgio Daveed Production Company. As the Jewish New Year comes upon us we are starting a new as well. First, we got a...

What is Cinematic?

| Production | No Comments
This has to be the age old question what is cinematic? In my opinion cinematic is anything that tells a visual story well. My favorite movie of all time has...


"Giorgio Daveed took a modest budget for our feature film '5 Hour Friends' and spun gold putting our production on par with the biggest and most lavish Hollywod productions. He amazes me and knows his way around a camera and back."

− Ron Jackson, Producer & Writer of Five Hour Friends feature film

"As we are a European owned company with American production, we required a professional that had an eye for creativity which could capture both our Italian Style and Made in the USA vision. Giorgio Daveed and his team have been able to assist us with numerous projects and continues to exceed our expectations for services provided. We highly recommend him for photography, videography, and editing. Great work at an exceptional price."

− Sarah Eamigh, Director of U.S. Marketing for StonePeak Ceramics, Inc.

"WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! I love everything about it !!! Wonderful lighting, and music, and editing, and videography...WOW! If this doesn't open pockets for donations nothing will. THANKS SO MUCH GIORGIO!!!

− Wade Wilde Executive Director/CFO Mountain Shadows Foundation

"Simply put, your videos kiss ass. Thank you!"

− Patrick Yau, President of Rock Sugar Marketing

" I just watched a great promo video for a hair thing and I was admiring the camera work and then BOOM.. Giorgio Daveed. Of course, you're the best."

− Jacques N. Spitzer Rain Drop Marketing

"These videos are brilliant"

− Lizzy Becknell Owner Tailored Hair For Men